How to add new Nextcloud Deck Card with n8n automation from Email

Nextcloud Deck has a set of REST APIs that can control Cards (tasks) via API calls. Together with n8n here's a sample workflow to create new task (Card) from incoming emails.

  • Workflow overview:

  • Dedicated email address is expected here which is to be scanned and marked as read automatically.

n8n automation : Create Nextcloud Deck Card from email

Nextcloud is an open source file sharing platform groupware, with communication tools, and more applications like Deck, a Kanban-like task management tool.

Nextcloud Deck

Deck is very easy to use, and as a part of Nextcloud, you can attach documents, start conversation with your team in comments or open a chat / video meeting, with built-in calendar view. Comments and chats are searchable from Nextcloud global search function, so it is easy to find tasks by keywords.

Deck may not be an extensive Kanban tool like Kanboard, but is well designed to be used within Nextcloud to share information with team.


Deck has REST API that can be called from n8n automation tool. My motivation was to automate creating tasks from email sent to todo@my.domain, so that I don't have to copy and paste email content to create new TODO task.

So there's this sample workflow:

n8n Workflow
Create Deck Card from IMAP'

This sample workflow creats Nextcloud Deck Card from email.

How it works:

  1. n8n IMAP node checks for new emails.
  2. Function node is a JavaScript code to modify content of email. In this sample case to remove HTML tags from email body.
  3. HTTP Post to Nextcloud Deck Card Rest API to create new card. You need Nextcloud Deck board id and stack id which you can mannually query via REST API.

The workflow source is available at:
n8n workflos to create Deck Card

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